Monday, January 3, 2011

October BJP

This is kind of a grim piece, really, in keeping with Halloween. The coppery squiggle is like a lock of hair floating on water, and the red beads could be splashing drops of blood. The stars are reflections. So it could be a scene about violence/horror. You may see something else there, and, as always, the interpretation is up to the viewer.

With October done, this leaves Sept. and Dec. for 2010, and I really do intend to finish them, and start in on 2011, as well. I'm about half-way through with one of them, and thinking up ideas for the other.


Carol said...

Well, as you know, this is journaling so only you know what the piece is really about.

But when I look at it, I see the night sky with stars and those little red lights that are distant planets or stars that glow red. The squiggle line running through is a chemtrail in the night sky.

Hows that?!? ~lol~
Ever the optimist.

Roberta said...

To me, it looks like the ocean. A wave on the beach. With the shells and other beach combing items on one side of the wave and the sea on the other.

Not so grim after all.

Judy said...

Well done in finishing off your projects.Good work on this one.

beadbabe49 said...

I see lots of flowing water and lovely, intense color...two of my favorites.

Lois2037 said...

Thank you! I love reading your insights about this piece. I was all Halloween and thinking of movie versions of Jack the Ripper or something. You folks are so interesting and perceptive and now I'm seeing new things in there.

Robin said...

I guess your conscious mind was thinking about Halloween while your subconscious was tipping along the milky way, experiencing the universe in all its creative glory, expanding your horizons. Well... like Carol said, it's visual journaling and you may be "saying many things" here... However it is, I find it very exciting and pleasing!

Robin A.