Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sobering News...

I'm posting here mainly as a closure. No one's read here, and I haven't posted here, in a year or more.

Re: Kevin Watts

 Here's what happened to my step-brother:

 Some of you will remember my tales of woe regarding my step brother, Kevin, who stayed with us for awhile, entirely blew through his $100,000+ inheritance from the sale of my late mother's house, and had to be tossed out of our lives because of his living in his van in our driveway and having loud drunks over late at night, not paying rent, refusing to get a job, etc. We kept his cats when he left. I had a dream with him in it today. He was a derelict, handing out handbills of some sort. I thought it was him, and walked away to avoid him. "Hey!" he yelled, and it was definitely his voice, "Don't turn your back on me! I know who you are!" In the dream, I was thinking that this was the last person I wanted in my life, and I kept walking. When I woke up, I looked him up online to see if there were any information on his whereabouts. Here's a link to an article I found. He was murdered in his van in Longview, WA early in September, by some trash guy he was hanging out with. Here's a link to the short, unpleasant news article: 


 Kevin was the sanest and most decent in his family, which isn't saying much, and he would trust anyone, especially if they liked the Grateful Dead. He seemed to be drawn to street folks and drug users. I don't know how he came to know his murderer, or what he was doing in Longview, WA. We hadn't seen or heard of him since the spring of 2010. I had a feeling he'd end up dead, or was already dead, but not like this, and I'm not sure what to think or how to feel about it at this particular time. If we'd still been getting the paper, I'm sure we'd have known about this at the time. There might still be remains or effects to dispose of -- I'm pretty sure his sister and brother would not have spent money for this-- so I'll have to call and find out.