Saturday, November 1, 2008

Here's what just happened in our back yard. The old garage/shed building was obviously not going to last through this winter, so a couple days ago we tore it down. To be precise, it literally fell over during the process. We will be building another structure out there soon that, while it will look like a garage, will in reality be my new studio! I'm still working on the design, our budget is tight, and it will take a while to get going, but by springtime I'll have the large, well-lit work area I've always wanted. After the basic shell and roof of the building are up, my husband and I will be doing a lot of the interior work ourselves to save money, and that is where most of the time will go, I'm thinking, since that will have to be fit in among our other, paying, jobs. But... WOW! What an interesting year this is going to be.

I've been working away on the Bead Journal Project, but I'm just not wanting to show any of it as yet. Last year, I posted all the pieces I was able to do, and all my progress on them, but this year I'm wanting to keep this to myself for some reason. I finished the December 2007 page a while ago, and I'm not ready to post that one, either.

Meanwhile, cats need attention, work needs doing, progress is being made all over. I can't wait to see what happens next.