Saturday, April 17, 2010

I'm almost afraid to write that things may be settling down around here... Just in case they really haven't...! The days are getting warmer, and my husband and I are enjoying being out on our front porch again, now cleared of rubble and boxed trash, and it's 7:30pm and the sun is still out. Calm is definitely good, and just what we have been needing, even though we have only had a few days of it.

Tonight I'll be working in on either March or April BJP, depending on where the beads take it (it's undecided at this point and could go anywhere), and that is making me feel happy. I'm also going to start a small jewelry project with some watch parts and see where that goes. Up until now there has been just too much catching up to do, and I'm longing for more art in my life.

Meanwhile, life goes on. It is still and always a refreshing relief to pull up into our driveway and not have Kevin's ugly, decrepit van and pile of trash there. And we'll be ever perplexed about Jiji/Irene and her suicide. I'm pretty sure that unless you have been there (and I have not), there is no understanding it, and maybe not even then, since we all do things for very different reasons. The pieces will never all fit together, but it is still a source of speculation and probably will be for some time.

Pretty soon I'll whip up some spaghetti for our dinner, and/or feed the cats. If it stays warm enough, we'll eat out on the porch.