Friday, January 25, 2008

Another One Done

The scanner is not hooked up yet, so this is a quick, not color-corrected snapshot image, but I wanted to post something actually finished after all this time!

I'm slowly getting settled into the new little house and I have a set-up in a separate room with LOTS of light so I can work again. I still have to excavate for beads and supplies down in the basement, and right now I have a slightly limited palette, but it feels so good to be sitting down with needle, beads and fabric. It's cold outside, but I keep warm with cats and hot chocolate as I bead and smile.

The move-in was nightmarish, but we expected that, and now that it is well over and we have kitchen (mostly), bedroom and our office/studios unpacked or in process, things are better. The cats all like the new place, too. We have just finished work on boxing in the back porch and turning it into a small sunroom room especially for the cats. In warmer weather, I hope to do some beading out there, too.

I will post a better pic of this once I get the scanner online.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

BeadExpo - Portland Classes: Me Being Practical -- Really!

I took a deep breath and plexed and plexed, but finally chose my classes for BeadExpo. They are expensive. They are deductible. My husband told me to do it. One 7-hour class per day. Most of them actually involve more metalsmithing than beadwork, and all are geared to things I can just sit down and make, with a minimum of extra tools, specialized equipment, expensive materials, more schooling. I'll be learning Etruscan-style Chain and Ring (wire work), Low-Tech Metalsmithing (working with fine silver, a small butane torch, and NO toxics), Bojangle Bracelet (bead embroidered bracelet), Objects & Elements - Creating Talismans Jewelry (making cold-joined bracelets, etc. with ordinary and found objects and manipulated bits of metal and glass). I already have pretty much all the tools I'll need, and the few I may need to buy are not real expensive. This is my attempt to be more practical in my approach (while still being true to my nature...) and build things that I could actually sell to folks. For money. And I'll be in BeadExpo classes all day, every day, so I won't have much time to spend in the vendor room. As usual, I'll be packing my lunch. Actually, the classes cost just a little less than the money we're saving on the new mortgage every month, and looking at it that way, I can see why my husband is not gritting his teeth over this. :- )

Finally, I'm getting moved into my studio room, and things are generally getting into shape around the house. AND I AM BACK TO BEADING, AT LAST!!!! We've been boxing in our back porch with reclaimed windows from the Rebuilding Center, and it's nearly done and looks great! It will be a mostly sun-filled room that I'm sure will be completely taken over by our cats. But it will give us some more room, and maybe kitties will let us in there from time to time.

Meanwhile... it's still 28F outside. I hope all the critters are keeping warm and safe out there tonight.