Thursday, August 21, 2008

Here's my December page, in progress.  After another very intense Summer of deadlines and cross-country drives, I'm back working and can give more time to the beading.  Now that the month, and the 2007 BJP is coming to a close, my only regret is never getting enough of these done so I can have a page on the 2007 BJP website...  I'll be continuing with 2007 as I work on 2008, and posting them here, I suppose, since they won't be appropriate for 2008.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Still Working...

I'm just about in the middle of my, um, December page.  And while I am not setting any speed records (except for maybe slow speeds), I'm happy to still be working on this.  I will finish up with 2007, but it may take me well into 2008 or '09 before I'm done.

The new BJP starts up so soon!  Yes, I'm going to continue, and begin the new year's projects.  I have a better chance of keeping up with it, since all my family stuff is OVER, the house sold, my step-brother currently residing on our back porch while he figures out what to do next. So no more drama from that quarter, and no more long drives to disaster.  To be sure, there will be something that will jump in the way, but I'm hoping that 2008 - 2009 will be much better and much calmer, and I'll have more time to devote to artwork and especially the Bead Journal Project.

Right now it's in the mid 80s here in Portland, with a predicted high of 97F!  I may move down in the basement for the afternoon to hide from the heat.