Monday, August 16, 2010

July BPJ Done

July was all about expectations, dreams, and hopes, combined with obstacles and events coming right out of nowhere. I learned quite a few hard lessons, but I'm sure it was all for the best.


Carol said...

Very eye catching color combo. The beading is great but those cabs are fab. Do you know what they are?

Nice piece.

Hope your life has mellowed out some.

Barbara said...

So colorful, and the cabs are wonderful! I'm also wondering what they are. Beautiful!

Bobbi said...

Hi, It's so beautiful! The colors are wonderful and your cabs are gorgeous! A very lovely piece!
Hugs and happy beading...

Its All About Creating said...

I, too, love the color combination. Those little touches of red make the whole piece pop. I don't know how you took such a great photo without any glare. The light just shines through those cabs. -Marlene

Whytefeather said...

Beautiful work, I love how this one turned out! Drooling over those cabs too...just lovely!

To your last couple of posts before this one... big hugs to you. I know exactly where you are coming from on goodness etc. Give Bruno a good scratch from me, he's very loved with you.

a2susan said...

This piece is stunning! Your creativity rises above all the difficulties you have experienced and soars in this piece.

Lois2037 said...

Wow! I'm overwhelmed by your wonderful comments! Thank you!

In answer to the question: the cabs are glass. I picked them up at a bead show a long time ago. They've been just waiting around for me to do this piece, I guess.

My life is a little more settled at the moment, thanks. I'm loving our hot weather and all the fresh produce from our local farmers' market.

Bruno is still doing okay, eating well and purring a lot. He's not able to groom as much as he, and I, would like, but doesn't mind the occasional cleaning with a damp cloth. We feel very lucky at our house every day he's with us.

Sandy said...

ohhh this is beautiful!

Margaret Sutherland said...

You really brought out the depth of color of the those cabs with your choice of beads. Just a stunning piece!

jacqui boyd said...

I love this piece. Your last couple of pieces have really seemed to have grown in boldness and confidence. The way I see, there have be huge obstacles (the large glass beads)but you have managed to weave a way pass them.

I am sorry to see that your dreams have been dashed about art college. I must admit I am amazed that so many people get through college over here and think nothing (or so it seems) of all the debt they are incurring. That's ok if you are doing a science where you know you will earn money to pay back the money but how does an artist, musican or writer do that?

I was fortunate that I lived in the UK in the time of grants and free college, unfortunately that time has gone and is going the same way as this country. I am always grateful that I had the opportunity to study at an art college, even if that education wasn't the greatest. Late 70's nobody actually taught anything, apparently its an ability that comes naturally or you learn the art speak of the time.

For what its worth, your work is probably being seen and enjoyed by lot more people than a lot of people who have attended college.

Keep drawing the cat and anything else you love, you have good eye and its a real skill that can only be honed by observing and really can't be taught.

Lois2037 said...

Thank you, Sandy and Margaret! This piece surprised me, I'd had the cabs for such a long time, and suddenly they were just perfect for what I wanted to do.
Jacqui, thanks. I like to think I keep growing a little with everything I do. As far as school is concerned, what really made me angry was the money part, since they told me all kinds of things about making it possible for me to go, and not worrying if I didn't have the bucks. They failed to mention the staggering debt part of this plan... If I were van Gogh and had that kind of genius, I still wouldn't have been able to go because of the finances! Good work is not enough. And you're right, I can still do artwork without them. Going to school would have given me access to all their excellent equipment and teachers, and I would have made some valuable contacts. I really, really wanted that. But no, going to school or not going will not stop me from making art. That's something I HAVE to do.

Robin said...

OMG, Lois, this is soooooooooooo beautiful!!! You've used such perfect beads to accent the dichroic cabs and the whole thing is like a magical mystery tour to my eyes.

Thanks so much for all your comments on my recovery blog... you have hit the nail on the head a few times and given me some excellent suggestions. I really appreciate your support.

Robin A.

Robin said...

Apparently there are no comments allowed on your "No School" post, so I'm making mine here.

I totally hear you... Eeeegad that is a bummer. But! What about making your own privat (and mostly free school)? What about getting the curriculum for the program you wanted, checking the books out of the library (interisland loans) and getting what you can out of that? You are already such an artist... Keep playing with it, keep doing it, keep researching on the free internet, keep developing your skills... and hey, isn't that what art school is all about anyway?

Robin A.

Lois2037 said...

Robin, thank you! I liked how this one turned out, too, but really, the beads chose their own way.

Your recovery is inspiring to me, Robin. You are so courageous and honest! I'm happy if I can be of any support at all.

I was extremely pissed off by the whole school thing, and still am, mainly because they kept assuring me it would be made "affordable" and then came up with this huge debt package. I would have felt much better about the whole thing if they'd just said, "You're not rich, don't come here." I've actually been considering something along the lines you suggest. I already have raw materials. I'm not going to just stop doing art or stop learning because of this. The thing that's appealing about school is the "one stop shopping" aspect of learning all kinds of things with top-notch equipment and instructors and making gallery contacts, etc. Obviously I can live without 'em, and I've tended to do pretty well picking things up on my own when I need to.