Thursday, February 4, 2010

Spiffing Up

Every few months it comes time to clean the studio, put those things away I was leaving out "just for a bit, in case I want to get back to them...", put the magazines on their shelf where I actually know I can find them when I need to look up something or other for reference, toss out old mail and misc. items, and/or put misc. items into the "interesting art bits" drawer. It's an annoyance to think of before I start, but really doesn't take that long (my studio room is little) and is quite easy. Mainly I don't like the idea of having to do it. XD Anyway, today is that day. As is usual, the secret real reason this gets done on a remotely regular basis is that I do it to avoid doing something else, as in, "I can't possibly get anything done with the room like this!" This ignores the fact that I got plenty done in here yesterday, and yet the room was just the same as it is now. After it's all cleaned and finished, and surfaces are rediscovered and all, things feel more spacious in here, and that makes me smile, plus, I'm so bored with the cleaning and organizing that whatever I was avoiding seems very attractive.

I'm starting to think about my February BJP page, which I plan to start sometime in the next week or so. I have my empty square up on my bulletin board, beads at the ready, and thread and needles waiting. There are a few things I have to accomplish first, and paying work to get done and out of the way, but I'm already getting excited to get started. January was a lot of fun to work on. I wonder what will appear on the page for February?


Carol said...

Interesting. I clean mine periodically also, however, my main reason is because I need to find something that is buried who knows where.

I must try to destash!!

bubbygigi said...

My sewing room is not an orderly place because I have more fabric, beads, patterns and trims than any one room can hold. After I finish a project, I try to put what I used away. As long as I do that,I can find things. Periodically, though, I spend time trying to get some order. Yes Carol, I too must try to destash. My January's project all came from my stash.

Lois2037 said...

Destash?!!? Perish the thought!

Carol, I often have the same reason for organizing sometimes, though usually I end up not finding what I was looking for, and using someething even better.

Bubbygigi, no one could ever accuse me of having an orderly place to work. XD I do try to put away things when I'm finished with a project, but... there are times I just want those colors or materials around me. Some order is essential, but too much makes it harder for me to work.