Sunday, November 29, 2009

Portland Gem Faire Today

I had a free pass and $30, so how could I resist going to Gem Fair at the Oregon Convention Center? Parking is free on Sunday, too, if you can find it.

It was interesting over at the Gem Faire, and really quiet. People said that the whole weekend was too slow. Dealers I'd hoped would be there were not there. I got some kyanite beads (flat squares and blades, mostly translucent or transparent -- just beautiful!) and some old coins to work into future pieces. That was all well under budget. I went over budget by a small amount getting a big labradorite cab at the amazing price of $15! It should have been more like $50. LUCKY! This will be the center of a neckpiece in the future. I did find free parking, but it was at the opposite far end of the convention center from where the faire was, so I had to walk quite a long way to get there and then back to the car.

I have a lot of ideas about pieces I want to make, or attempt to make, in the near future. I'm wishing I could go to Bead & Button Show this year and take the master beading class. First I suppose I should wish for the money to go, and spend once I get there. Sure would be a long drive, but an interesting one, across the country again, but without all the family garbage. Well, maybe...

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