Sunday, June 10, 2007

Page 1 - Part 3

I was able to pick up a little faster than I thought, and added some art deco water. But then our power went out, and I found that beading in the dark is not so easy...! I may even finish this week, though probably I'm getting way ahead of myself. I do know I won't be working on this much today. We live unfortunately close to the local raceway, and there are big noisy cars running around in circles about a mile from here. They are LOUD!!!!! My husband and I are going to run away to find a quieter neighborhood where, hopefully, houses will be for sale in our price range. We do not want to settle close to the raceway again!


Sarebear said...

You made waves; I love them!

I wasn't sure if I could do this every month, even on a small trading card size which is what I want to do.

So I may be doing mine sort of along with you guys, but not officially.

I really like this piece!

Sunni said...

Hi Robyn,
I just discovered all of this today.
I want you to know that although I know I have missed the date I am going to do this also, I want to try this as a new extension of my bead work.
Along with this I wanted you to know that you and the others that have done blogs on beading have inspired me to start my own blog.
So I did that today,not much there yet, but I guess one has to start somewhere.
Might I ask you for someone who has not beaded on fabrics before, what do you suggest as a fabric to start the pages on?
Thank you for sharing your awesome work here to be so inspiring.
Sunni Wolf
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Lois B said...

I'm not Robin, but since you posted a question here...

I think you can use just about any fabric as a base for bead embroidery. I've found personally that I really like cottons of all kinds. My personal favorite, though, is my cream colored watered taffeta. I got a whole bunch on sale at a fabric outlet some time ago. I liked the heavy texture of it, and the way the needle goes through easily. I usually use archival interleaving paper for backing, since it is light and adaptable, but there are all kinds of stabilizers at fabric stores that work beautifully, too. I've used tear-off stabilizer in medium to heavy weight and got great results.

KV said...

Lois --

I love the direction your piece is taking!

Kathy V in southern New Mexico

Sunni said...

Thank You Lois,
That is very helpful,
Since I have an embroidery machine I have a large selection of stabilizers to chose from.
I have been looking around the net this afternoon to see if people used hoops or not.
The only things I have found to that was a yes. So I am going to try it with my QSnaps. I am really looking forward to getting started. I so wish I had known about this before today. However that will not sway me from my decision to tackle this head on, who knows what all I will learn in the process.
Again Thanks for responding.

CC said...

I love what you did! It's a nice juxtaposition to the rest! Good job!
With aloha,

Pearl said...

This is looking great. I can't wait to see the next pictures.


freebird said...

Fabulous! Love those art deco waves.

Lois B said...

Oh, thank you for all the encouragement! I'm not used to that. Generally I'm just working away in on my own, which suits me, but it is lovely to get such wonderful comments.

Sunni-- I can tell you that I almost never use a hoop for small pieces. I once did a giant one, about a foot and a half across, and for that I used a great big quilting frame.

Sunni said...

Thank you again Lois,
I actually started my first page.
I am really enjoying this. It was hard to put it away. But my eyes are tired. Tomorrow I will try and post a pic of what I have done on my blog.
Thanks again for your information.

Hélène H said...

This looks wonderful !

Lin Moon said...

I just loooove the waves - this is fabulous!

Sunni said...

Hi Lois,
I am so red right now, being new to this blogging thing I sure messed up.
Somehow I thought I was on Robyn's blog and silly me, I was on yours.
Thus, why I started my first post out to Robyn and you so sweetly responded and still I had no idea until just now what a mistake I had made.
By the way, I love what your doing here and I thank you for being so sweet to respond to me and not pointing out that I was on the wrong blog. Hopefully soon I will have this all figured out soon.

Lois B said...

I just hope my comments were helpful to you. No need to be embarrassed--we're all in this together! Computer stuff is very confusing. And I'm SO looking forward to seeing your work!

Sunni said...

Well my blog is up and running after several attempts at figuring things out. There is also a link to my website, however it is in major need of revamping and that is on my list to start doing this week. I added you to my list of Blogs I enjoy, and there is a picture of my piece I started last night.
Thanks again, and YES you have been a great help.

Kiwi Ellen said...

I love this Lois, it looks like your Muse is enjoying herself

Grace said...

Oh... it's coming out so beautifully. I love the colors and the design, makes me smile.

Take care... Grace

Bejeweled said...

This is just lovely! Love the art deco waves!

Bejeweled said...

And thank you for stopping by my blog and for your lovely compliments!

ACey said...

I'm really enjoying watching this develop. Good luck with the house hunting!

Morwyn said...

I see you're a big fan of the spiral, too! Love those blues!

beadbabe49 said...

spirals and waves...wonderful! good luck with the house hunt...

Sacredartist said...

You did such a great job on the waves. How did you make it look so even and smooth? Any tips you could give us, or things that you have learned from this piece?

Lois B said...

I made the waves smooth by just going slowly. I made the first row extra strong by couching a lot and then cozying up the next row to that and so on. When it looked like the dips were getting too deep or the bumps too shallow, I just adjusted that part of the line a little upwards so the basic shape was the same. I couched extra at those points to keep the adjusted shapes. If you look close, you'll see that they are not really all that even or uniform as individual lines, but the overall effect is very symetrical. That was a surprises to me, that it would come out okay, even though I didn't think I was doing it all that well. I learned a lot about color balancing with this piece, and there were quite a few false starts and sections that got cut away and done over so the colors would all work together.